“Good manners opens doors that even good education cannot.”
– Oscar Wilde

About Quartat

Definition of the Quartat Lifestyle

Pronunciation: /kwôrˈta/

Noun: A “global citizen” who displays social intelligence and practices civility and modern etiquette in all they do; a woman whom embodies humility, grace and style; a man who possesses the class and charm of a modern gentleman.

Our Services

The View

We edify our clients in a variety of social and business settings and specialize in educating them on how to appropriately navigate situations, as well as how to conduct oneself with regard to appropriate dress and etiquette.

Our dedicated etiquette experts provide Quartat clients with both traditional training and modern psychology to help them advance in the art of charm and etiquette so they are successful in modern day business.

The Talk

Good communication skills are key to building a strong social network and success in work and relationships. Without effective communication, a message can turn into a blunder, a misunderstanding, or frustration. To master the art of networking and advancement in business, we provide practical instruction and a safe environment to practice and develop core conversational skills.

The Look

Develop your own personal style, not by following fashion trends but by showcasing your best features to create the most flattering and timeless look to suit you.

Quartat Concierge

As such, there is an increasing expectation that one conduct oneself to the standard of our growing global society.


Our belief is that we provide our clients with vital knowledge and comprehension of international etiquettes which showcases one's social skills.


Our programs instill our clients with confidence and, upon mastering these details, our clients will have encompassed the competitive edge needed to succeed in any situation now, and in the future.