About us

Quartat Lifestyle Consulting is a multifaceted service which tailors to the needs of our clients and their discerning concerns.

Quartat Inc. is Toronto’s first multicultural academy dedicated to helping foreign professionals and students discover the social formula to learn confidence, refinement and style, to enhance their personal and professional growth. We create ‘global citizens’ who display the social intelligence and modern etiquette required to succeed in Canadian business and social situations.

We at Quartat believe our classical European training combined with courses from Toronto’s leading business professionals and society elite, can help the ordinary modern man or woman transform into the extraordinary global citizen they were meant to be.

In today’s competitive job market, fast-paced networking events and online world of dating, it is simply not enough to have a top education or come from the right background. Your soft skills are what set you apart from the competition.

In each city, there are unspoken rules and cultural norms - the right venues to host clients and the proper way to lead a business dinner. Our courses help clients to fast track and learn the inner workings of their new city.

Clients also enjoy a membership, which helps them to network and obtain the right introductions and connections to be instantly successful in Toronto.