The Look

We understand that no matter where you’re from, your family status or career, your manners and behaviour directly impact your success both in personal relationships and professionally.


Our manners and behaviour impact how we interact and communicate with one another. Our manners say so much more about us than we realize. As humans we all have fears, pre-conceived notions and belief systems that are founded on nurture and nature. We can learn to change our attitudes, behaviours and mannerisms simply through expressions of humanity, kindness, compassion and respect for self, others, property and the milieu.

Personal Style and Wardrobe Assessment

Develop your own personal style, not by following fashion trends but by showcasing your best features to create the most flattering and timeless look to suit you. We will evaluate and identify the structural shapes, colours and styles so you are appropriately dressed to achieve your goals. Hair and makeup for ladies are also provided, while men are instructed on the made-to-wear men’s suit. You will be personally assessed and taught to present the best version of you, no matter the social setting.