The Talk

At Quartat, our etiquette experts focus on customized learning with our clients -- ensuring their interests and concerns are at the heart of every decision we make.

Cross-Cultural Etiquette

What might be perfectly acceptable in one country may be completely unthinkable in another. Every culture has their own interpretation of rules for dress code and social behaviour, particularly in business. At Quartat we provide in-depth cultural sensitivity training so you are prepared and successful in business, no matter where in the world you operate.

Social Etiquette

Understanding and practicing decorum when you are in a business or personal situation calls for appropriate dialogue when talking to associates, the opposite sex and elders. At Quartat we help our clients to be discerning and charm the person or group in front of them, no matter the social situation.

Business Etiquette

Standing out in an increasingly competitive workplace requires more than just the right education and work experience. Charm, attitude and diplomacy can make or break one’s career. It requires tact and the ability to socialize with clients, colleagues and bosses in a variety of business settings. At Quartat, our clients are given practical and interactive training to artfully host their client, choose the right wine pairings and essentially close the business.